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Grand Mediocrity

Life should have one rule: Do what you enjoy.

Do you really want to be a withered old person, looking back on your life and thinking “If only I did that!” ????

Don’t do something just because someone told you to. Don’t do something just because lots of other people are doing it. Don’t feel pressured into doing something or working a certain job because you feel like you need to please family and¬†friends and whoever else may be judging you. You may feel close to becoming tangled in the web of Grand Mediocrity, but feeling the closeness of your whole being to the skimming of silk doesn’t warrant you falling in and becoming entrapped; if you take that option then the spider will loom over you until it eats you up. It is the quick option but it isn’t painless. I would say it’s better to step away from that situation, go on a journey and achieve what you really want to do. Don’t fall into the web.